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Doggy Up
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What is Doggy Up?

Doggy Up is a software/hardware messaging system developed with the help of Camp Bow Wow franchisees to alleviate customer wait time when dropping off or picking up their dog. When a pooch arrives to play, the counselor at the front desk types the dog's name into the software at the front desk computer. Then a message appears on monitors in the play areas along with audible alerts letting the other counselors know that a camper is here and to go up and get the dog. The same procedure is used when a camper is ready to go home.

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Why was Doggy Up Developed? - It's about the Customer

Recognizing a need to make checking dogs in and out of camp more efficient, we worked with several camps to come up with a solution. The use of walkie talkies and intercom systems not only did not work, but could create more wait time for the customer. Having counselors run back and forth to get dogs also was inefficient and left customers in the lobby alone. Door signals would create a lot of false alarms. We wanted the system to not only work, but also keep the customer experience as the number one priority. With Doggy Up, not only are the dogs checked in and out efficiently, but a camp counselor will always be up front to develop customer rapport (and sell more retail too).

What have been the results?

The results from the first few installations ended up being more successful than we had hoped. Camps have found unforeseen uses for Doggy Up such as:

Letting counselors know when an interview is here so they can bring a camper to the interview area
When a new camper arrives for their first day, the counselor that comes from the back welcomes the dog by first name "Welcome to Camp Scooby".
Sending general communication messages to the counselors in the back.
Keeping someone up front at all times to watch the store and talk with customers

Read the Testimonials from the first couple of camps to use Doggy Up.
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Future plans for Doggy Up

Doggy Up is in its first stage of development. This stage was intended to prove that the concept worked. Because of the success, we plan ongoing development of the software to benefit the camps without limits. Our development is based on the feedback from the camps using the system. Some of our further ideas are:

Scheduled messages that appear automatically. Such as "Lunchtime in 15 minutes" so the counselors know it is time to get ready.
Connection to the kennel management software
Radio frequency tags on dog's collar to automatically track when the dog enters camp and its location in the camp.
Receive text messages from cell phones to alert the camp that the pet owner is on their way to pick up their dog.


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