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The following are testimonials from happy pet owners that use the Online Doggy Internet Video Viewing System to see their pets.

"I can’t tell you how much your web-cams have been a comfort. I recently moved to California and had to leave my puppies, Ruggles and Roman, with my sister back in Maryland. She started taking them to Happy Dog Day Care and told me that I could visit them online. I sit here at work and watch them all day long and it’s such a comfort to see how happy and healthy they are. Even though I couldn’t bring them here with me to California, I feel like their right around the corner when watching them play on the screen. Thank you again for the wonderful service of the Web-cams!!!!!"

Writing to let you know how cool it is for me to be able to peek in on my dog while I am at work. Really cool. More so in that my work has me in Kuwait for the past three and next 9 months. His name is Seamus, the black lab mix with no tail. Hangs out with Pierre.


"I originally went to City Bark to buy the Eagle Pack dog food. It appeared to be a nice facility staffed by nice folks. But when I found out they had the web cams I was so impressed and reassured that I decided City Bark would be my choice of day care on the occasions when I needed it.

I work from home and am usually only gone for short periods of time. But when I'm on-site all day, and I have to take Emily to City Bark, I'm not as stressed as I normally would be. I know at City Bark they: a) constantly monitor each group of dogs; and b) I can take a look at the doggy cam to see her anytime during the day while she is there.
Thanks for the great service you provide!"

"I love this product. It was the dealmaker on choosing where my dog went."

"It's great. One of the reasons we take our dog there."

I love it. My husband and I use it all the time during the day. We feel better knowing we can watch him while at day care. Thanks for the great service."

"I think it's terrific. I'm starting to take my dog, Nyssa, to this center in part because I love your service."

"It is great! I really appreciate being able to see Matimba during the day!! Although I will answer the next question "only a couple of times a day", it really varies. If I have time, I will look several times, but then last Tuesday I was so busy I did not look at all. Thus, "a couple of times a day" is am average across many days."

"I think it's great. It's a total riot to watch the dogs play during the day."

"We absolutely love the online video service! It is so fun to be able to just take a minute to pop over and check on our lovely little terror, Alabaster. What a great idea."

"I like it...I can check on my dog and friends from out of town have an opportunity to view my dog ….“

"I think it is great!"

"It's reassuring to be able to see my dog at his home away from home. Initially I didn't know how to interpret his behavior. I had an idea of his being more interactive with the other dogs but in the long run I now understand his role better."

"I think it's really great. I love being able to see what my dog is doing at day care and everyone else gets a big kick out of it. In the future if I have to choose another day care I would choose it based on whether or not they had internet video service."

"I think it's fantastic!"

Kennel cam, Webcam, Pet Care Providers, pet daycare.

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