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I cannot say enough good things concerning our web cam system. As with any boarding business, we were hesitant at first. We had heard how cameras can cause clients to complain more often or even "check-up" on you. However, I have to tell you, not only do our clients love watching their pets in daycare and in the suites, they have come in handy for management as well.
We use them quite often to review performance, time records, and security measures. Numerous times we have caught employees napping, slacking, cheating time clock systems, showing up late, smoking on our grounds (prohibited), and more. IN addition, the cams have proven wonderful for managing the business remotely or while on vacation.

More importantly, the cams have saved our ASS! A few weeks ago, we had a dog fall over and die suddenly of a heart attack about 3 minutes after arrival.
We caught (and recorded) the entire stay from the parking lot, through the lobby, into the suite on cam. Without this technology, the vet would never have been able to determine the cause of what happened and the client would never have believed that we were not negligent in the matter. Moreover, we used this footage to review and train all employees on emergency procedures.
The cost of the system (all 32 cams) was peanuts compared to the amount of money it just saved us (in a lawsuit) in one incident.

Howard Perlmuter
President - The Barkley - Pet Hotel & Day Spa

We have 24 cameras strategically located around our facility including 8 in luxury suites. They are a big hit with customers, especially helping to sell the luxury suites. Customers feel so much better when they can check in and see how their “camper” is doing. With On-Line Doggy’s assistance, we have a map of our facility on our website making it easy for the customer to pick a camera location. Our T1 enables TV speeds over the Internet providing the best quality video. Support from On-Line Doggy is fabulous. Blake is always there to help out and support whatever issues we might have. We consider our web cams to be a major factor in our success and recommend them highly.

Jim and Celia Bensman
Owners and Operators - Camp Wagging Tails

"When I initially opened my DDC, I setup my own webcam system in order to offer the service and save money. While my initial expense was moderately low, the progressive problems that ensued along the way were costly.

The compression of the camera's images were not great so upload time was inefficient. This made for some impatient and frustrated viewers. The down time of the camera cost me a great deal in technical support and assistance not to mention the time it took me away from working, customers etc.

As my frustration grew, I looked for alternatives and during this time, my camera went down again. I was so frustrated I did not touch it for a week. It was then that I really discovered how much the webcam was enjoyed by my customers and how easy it was to sell my DDC services to prospective clients. Everyone complained that the camera was down, I had to spend three times as long on the telephone 'selling ddc' to new callers and overall, the level of comfort was lowered since my clients did not have the luxury of 'peeking in' on their dog. Then I found Online Doggy!

They were prompt, courteous and quickly sent me everything I needed to setup my new 4 camera system, which was virtually plug and play. The system has never failed to run, I have not had to make one support call and Online Doggy has followed up to ensure that we are happy and everything is running as it should.

My customers love the fact that they can see our whole building and the added security of knowing that big brother is keeping an eye on their dog, even when they can't. It has boosted revenues especially since we are the only DDC, in our area, with a webcam system. In addition, we find some people just bring their dogs here for the sole novelty of going home to watch Fido on the internet!

As the president of the North American Dog Daycare Association, I have heard concerns from other DDC operators that were worried that what is viewed on the camera might be misinterpreted. The benefits far outweigh any risks. People should have the right to see that their pet is being cared for. If you are confident in the service that you provide, there should be no hesitation about putting your service on display to the world. I highly recommend Online Doggy's Service for our industry and invite any and all inquiries to contact me directly."

Ellie Ross
President - North American Dog Daycare Association
President - Wag N Train Inc. Canada's Largest DDC!

"We came to Online Doggy after a long and troublesome experience with another company out of state. Blake returned my call immediately and set up an appointment for the very next day to meet with us. Within a week, our corporate location had all 4 cameras up and working wonderfully. Since then, 4 more locations have installed their webcams and are extremely happy with the results. They are now on our Approved Supplier list for all future Franchisees.

Online Doggy has incredible customer service. Whenever our ISP goes down, they will call us immediately and let us know that our cameras are down. On Christmas Eve they went so far as to drive to our Castle Rock location to fix a router problem. We can’t say enough about these guys! We can’t believe we went so long without using them."

Kerilyn Vietti COO
Camp Bow Wow Branding LLC

"Online Doggy has been a great addition to Dog City! We were very impressed with the quality of the sales team, the cameras and computer, the installation process and the service with regard to our lease program. The first hour the cameras were working, a customer sent the following email:

'I'm Bama's daddy and I just want to let you know how AWESOME the new web-cam set-up is. I logged on for the first time this morning and haven't been able to take my eyes off all the pups yet. I've already showed about 12 people and they all love it too. I love all of the special features. I've taken some snapshots and sent them to my wife and she loved 'em. Thank you so much. I feel better now that I know what Bama does through-out her day (not that I was worried before mind you, but you know what I mean).'

My staff love looking at the monitor and seeing all the dogs "on-line". This addition to our service is exactly the quality of caring that Dog City wants for all its dogs and their guardians."

Deborah Holvey, Owner of Dog City, Boulder, CO 303-473-9963

"When a customer is shopping around and chooses our facility, one of the primary reasons cited is the extra comfort they feel knowing they can log on and watch their dog anytime. Our business has tripled since installing the system."

Nicole Delmoro, Owner of City Bark, Denver, Co. (303) 573-9400

"I was hesitant at first to install a web cam system, not knowing if my customers would misinterpret the behavior of the dogs and our service. However, since installing the Online Doggy system my customers have been nothing but pleased. One of my customers even told me, that she felt like screaming our name from the rooftop because she loves it so much!"

Jeff Sizemore, Owner of B-Gs Doggie Daycare, Denver, Co. (303) 781-4577

Kennel cam, Webcam, Pet Care Providers, pet daycare.

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