Android Support

I Have Subscribed to the App, but only see still images or a black screen

This usually means that you are in an area where your phone is not receiving a decent data connection. Even if your phone is showing 3 bars or more, that is indicative of your phone service, not your data service. Best thing to do if you are in one of these areas is to connect your phone to a Wifi connection.

How do I get the App on my Android device?

Open the Play Store app and do a search for "ODoggy". Download and enjoy.

I had to subscribe twice to get the App to work.

Sometimes Google Wallet does not register your subscription correctly and you may have to subscribe again. If this happens, email both receipts from Google to us at and we will refund your second subscription.

How do I turn off Auto Renewal of my subscription?

Launch the Play Store app.
Tap your picture or initals at the top right.
Tap Subscriptions.
Tap ODoggy and tap on cancel under where it says Subscribed.